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The Tiny Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be a tremendous challenge for both the homeowner and the guest. Lack of space and storage can lead to clutter and a feeling of disarray and claustrophobia. But, even a bathroom with a small footprint can be transformed into a functional space. Smart storage solutions, good lighting and eye-catching finishes and details can transform a once unattractive space into a treat for the senses. Here are a few challenging bathrooms that have been transformed.

This small bathroom with knee ceilings and nearly no wall space presented design challenges. How to fit all one needs into a tiny bathroom without feeling crowded? Good design always stems from good planning. A very narrow cabinet behind the door provides some storage, as does the train rack above the commode. Hooks for bathrobes are placed near the shower and rods for towels are attached to the back of the door. Carrying the eye around a tight space is one way to take attention off of a small footprint. By capping the marble tiled walls with a beautiful mosaic, the eye is led around the room. Glass shower doors allow the eye to travel to the furthest point in the room, and therefore the space seems larger.

Powder rooms are perfect places to go bold with wallpaper! Here a stunning and colorful pattern graces the walls of a modestly sized room. The paper helps to distract from the small footprint for it draws focus to the walls. The ornate mirror and lighting highlight the custom designed vanity. Functioning drawers keeps the room free of clutter.

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